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Gartner's view on database landscape (MQ)

Courtesy of NuoDB I was drawn to read Gartner’s updated magic quadrant report.

It’s sidenote includes an observation I have to agree with:

Through 2018, a wave of consolidation will affect the operational DBMS market’s smaller vendors, through mergers, acquisitions and business failures.

NuoDB, who I mentioned in my previous post, did well as a visionary, whilst Clustrix remained in the Niche quadrant. It’s important to remember that even making it into a Magic Quadrant means you’ve passed a startup hurdle: you need over $20M in revenue, and 100 customers, amongst other criteria.

I did see one database vendor I hadn’t come across before but which warrants investigation under certain use cases.

My earlier post was talking about how common it is for older businesses to be over-invested in Oracle or SQL Server without a NewSQL alternative being investigated. I was not looking at NoSQL or graph databases, which require refactoring the application, but ACID-compliant SQL-based alternatives.

That’s TmaxSoft software called Tibero, a South Korean firm. What I like from surface-level reading their content is:the compatibility with SQL Server (reducing migration complexity is a key thing to consider), and easy upgrades between versions (key for quality of life).

Another I hadn’t seen for some years is InterSystems, who have done well to get into the Leaders quadrant. They’re offering an interesting hybrid, and Gartner point out their high customer satisfaction and problem-free usage.

Also, NuoDB still stand out to me with their horizontally-scalable design.

So if it’s not already in the plans, I’d suggest IT leaders actively assess their database landscape; identifying workloads which are unnecessarily being placed onto tier 1 database infrastructure. This Gartner report also covers NoSQL and Graph options if you are refactoring or developing new applications.

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Gartner's view on database landscape (MQ)
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