About me

I am a technology services leader and growth strategist, with particular experience in:

  • Sales, delivery and customer success in enterprise and strategic accounts,
  • Stepping up an organisation’s maturity,
  • Cloud and digital transformation,
  • Sectors including banking, retail, insurance, energy and public sector.


The majority of my career in IT has been about the growth of complex technology and services. I'm naturally inclined to seek the systemic root cause of the issues at hand, then effect changes which produce a sustained benefit.

  • I started working in 1993. My first career was in the software development of workflow and database systems.
  • In 2000 I joined IBM to sell infrastructure services to major clients in public sector and finance.
  • Next I worked at Apple, selling their unix servers and storage to enterprise. That product division has been closed now, and I left as Apple became a consumer company.
  • In 2006 I joined Cisco services, and focused on complex sales to their top-tier clients in four cities over seven years.
  • I joined the startup Rightscale in 2012 to learn deeply about cloud computing.
  • In 2014 my family settled in London so I could join Rackspace where, as part of the UK executive, I ran presales including solution architecture, consulting and professional services.
  • in June 2016 I started with SoftwareONE UK Ltd as the Chief Commercial Officer. I'm responsible for growth in the UK business.

Over the years I have been proud to have incredible customers like Vodafone, Metro Bank, Dominos, BP and GE in the UK, and in Australia the Department of Defence, Coles and NAB.

Personal and geeky

Some interesting dimensions that Linkedin won’t tell you.

I started programming in BASIC when I was 11 years old.

I am a retired MMO gamer and often ended up in guild or raid leadership. You actually learn a lot about virtual-team leadership from gaming (it’s been studied). I played WoW and SWTOR.

I am deeply moved by the injustice in our global economic framework and the resulting poverty. I’m a financial supporter of Oxfam and a Kiva lender (micro-finance).

I was a professional musician for a while, with a recording label and played gigs around Australia.

I’m still a geek at heart, with a keen interest in enterprise technology.

My wife and I have three wonderful children – my eldest Serena will be an author and is already a prolific writer, Jasper wanted to be a game designer but now is thinking of finance, and my four-year old Cedric looks like a bright spark too.