Considering the Agile philosophy within deal pursuits

I have been reading about Agile software development philosophy for years and it seems that the core ideas are worth exploring in relation to major deal pursuits. I think I first came across Agile thinking in about 1999, in the form of extreme programming. At the time though I only looked at it through the lens of selling software development

Six reasons major sales initiatives fail

We’ve all seen a major sales initiative that fails to deliver the results expected, for example from a sales force restructure. But what’s the root cause of the failure? Here I will explore the reasons hidden in the background and the ways in which they can be successfully overcome. From poorly-handled internal politics to lack of sponsorship; from

On the strategy of platforms and APIs

I’m going to draw a picture about a constellation of news on the importance of platforms in: cloud computing, competitive strategy recruitment incentive. Read all of these and you’ll see the pattern. Profound gifts to the open source LinkedIn open sourced one of their core systems, called SenseiDB. It’s a NoSQL system for incredibly fast searches of

On introversion

I am so happy about the recent publicity on introversion. I’m an introvert, and am aware of how to get the best out of myself. I’m not shy – that’s a common misunderstanding – but I prefer the inner world and gain energy from it. Too much time in busy groups and workshops is draining for me. Thanks to

Being creative to grow when brainstorms fail

I have attended far too many brainstorming sessions which have not been framed to make them useful. The science is in. Brainstorming doesn’t work. When and why you need ideas In sales, we will want to come up with creative ideas to grow our accounts, penetrate new ones, grow the business, invent new offerings and so on. In fact,

How to interview a sales person

I came across two particularly good articles on how to interview and screen a sales person. The first by Dave Kurlan provides an insightful list of 10 behaviours you’d want to see, and 10 bad ones too. He likes it if candidates: talk concisely versus ramble distract him from the interview strategy push back and challenge me without starting

Systems thinking as a sales perspective

Systems Thinking is a way of looking at the world where one thinks about interactions and relationships rather than isolated elements. This world view means that Systems Thinking is neither a model nor a methodology1. It’s an approach, or a perspective. It can be taught. I believe it’s the most effective way of thinking for a solution sales